Book – Don’t Let Me Down – Karel de Corte

The BOOK ‘Don’t let me Down’

Gaining an understanding of the individuality and vulnerabilities of people with Down Syndrome is a first and essential step to better comprehend what is going on inside the person. A lack of insight in their individuality often leads to expectations that are too high.

It is very important to recognize that people with Down Syndrome create some kind of script in their mind based on their own psychological need for structure.

It is beneficial to understand that while people with Down Syndrome have a remarkably open and accessible personality, they can also be more closed and difficult to connect with.

We also need to appreciate that people with Down Syndrome have language limitations that prevent them from expressing themselves clearly.

When they close up and get stuck, we can help them by approaching them gently and in a stepwise manner. We can help people with Down Syndrome by allowing them a bit more time to process, by preparing them for what to expect next, and, most importantly, by showing understanding.

The book paints a rich picture of the individuality and vulnerabilities associated with Down Syndrome. The reader will recognize those personality traits and find support in how to interact with people with Down Syndrome.


Karel De Corte graduated from Ghent University (Belgium) as a master in orthopedagogics and has been affiliated with Den Dries since 1991, a center in Evergem (Belgium) that supports adults with an intellectual disability.

He also provides freelance education and training on Gentle Teaching, the citizenship paradigm and has developed expertise about the singularity and vulnerabilities of people with Down’s syndrome.

In 2010 he published his first book “Eerst vasthouden, dan loslaten” and in 2016 the book “Maak me niet Down” was born.

In 2022 the English version “Don’t let me Down” is published.


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